--2017 Events--

Aug 2017: PCC ' 11 has exited its investment in Goalbook. In July, we received our share of the proceeds from Goalbook’s repurchase of all outside (non-founder, non-management) ownership by the company. The company has performed well and the co-founder/managers concluded that they did not intend to seek further outside equity capital and that they wanted full employee ownership as this young team plans to build Goalbook for some time to come. 

Feb 2017: Sky Lance is a speaker at the 4th Annual LearnLaunch Across Boundries Conference. The conference brought together over 900 participants from 28 states who were interested in promoting dialogue about digital learning. The voice of entrepreneurs, educators, education administrators, investors, developers, students and industry experts who care about the future of education technology, as it pertains to early education, k-12 education, higher education or continuing education, were all represented.

--2015 Events--

January 2015: Patient Capital Collaborative ’09 portfolio company Boston Heart Diagnostics was sold to Eurofins Scientific resulting in a significant gain for investors, with meaningful additional escrow and earn-out payments expected in the future. With this cash distribution, PCC ’09 investors have already received back more than 1.7X the amount of capital drawn for investment in the entire PCC ’09 fund.  See Press release here.

--2014 Events--

May 2014: Tom Balderston was panelist for Power of Angel Investing at Wharton Business School

May 2014:
Tom Balderston and Boston Heart Diagnostics
featured in Private Wealth Magazine.  See article here.

April 2014: Rivertop Renewables accelerates commercialization with $26 Million from Cargill, First Green Partners, and existing Investors. See press release here.

January 2015: PCC 09 portfolio company Solmetric was successfully sold to Vivant Solar, resulting in a gain for investors. Click here for more information.

January 2015: SustainVC enters into portfolio consulting arrangement with Serious Change, LP, a New York-based Impact Investment firm headed by Josh Mailman.

--2013 Events--

April 2013: Tom Balderston joins the Inaugural Philadelphia Clean Tech Open Panel.

February 2013: Tom Balderston speaks at Professor Brian Nejmeh's Entrepreneurship class at Messiah College.

February 2013: Tom Balderston is a panelist at the Tempus Conference sponsored by Triskeles Foundation for high school and college students interested in social entrepreneurship.

February 2013: Tom Baldston appears as a guest on Executive Leaders Radio.  For transcript, Click here.

February 2013: Tom Balderston becomes an Investment Committee member at the Wharton Social Venture Fund.

January 2013: Tom Balderston is a panelist for Social Entrepreneurship Winter Study Course at Williams College.

-- 2012 Events--

December 2012: Tom Balderston is recognized at Executive Leaders Radio's CEO Philanthropy Awards, highlighting CEOs for their Leadership, Devotion and Commitment to their communities.

April 2012:
Locus Energy receives the "Best Green Company" award at the New Jersey Technical Council's 2012 NJTC Venture Conference. Click here to learn more.

March 2012:Tom Balderston becomes an Investment Committee member at the Wharton Social Venture Fund.

March 2012: Tom Balderston is a panelist for the Main Line Chamber of Commerce - "Doing Well by Doing Good".

February 2012
: Tom Balderston speaks to Professor Bryan Stinchfield's Ecopreneurship class at Franklin & Marshall College.

February 2012:  Tom Balderston speaks at the Angel Venture Fair Education Day.  Click here to learn more about Angel Venture Fair.

February, 2012:
Tom Balderston speaks at 2012 Wharton Social Impact Conference. Click here for more info.

February, 2012: PCC '11 Fund invests growth capital in Locus Energy (

January, 2012: PCC '11 Fund invests growth capital in (


-- 2011 Events --

December 2011: Capital Institute publishes article on SustainVC and The Patient Capital Collaborative.  Click here to see article.

November 2011: Rivertop Renewables lands $1.5 million investment from Cultican Ventures.  Click here for details.

September 2011: Bain Capital Ventures invests in Boston Heart Diagnostics.  For details, click here.

January 2011: PCC '11 invests in Castlewood Surgical (

November 2011: Clean Power Finances specifies Solmetric equipment. Click here for details.

October 2011: Sky Lance and Tom Balderston speak at Investor's Circle Fall Conference in Philadelphia, PA

June 2011: Sky Lance speaks at the Global Philanthropists 2012 Members Spring Meeting in New York.

May 2011: Sky Lance and Tom Balderston speak at Investor's Circle Spring Conference in San Francisco, CA